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This project was created from a personal desire to move closer to nature, with the intention of making the land produce as well as breeding animals in a sustainable and respectful way. All we have done has been with one ultimate goal: producing healthy food.

We have adopted a natural closed-cycle system of production in our farm. This means that we feed our livestock with our own pastures and fodder and that we use their waste to raise the soil fertility.

We do not use chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Instead we nurture our lands using only organic waste. We also defend the use of traditional farming techniques as green manure and crop rotation that allow a continuous strengthening of the land, a fundamental aspect in organic agriculture as it literally supports the rest of the cycle.

Our vegetable garden is the pride of El Milagro, the almost miraculous adventure of planting a seed in the ground and watching it bearing fruit. Our challenge is helping the vegetables to grow healthy and tasty following the natural process without using any chemicals. This is critical as recent research has proven that many diseases are the result of ingesting synthetic products present in our food chain through the use of chemical substances in agriculture.

Finally, I would like to stress our concern in caring for the ecosystem, protecting the holm oaks, the traditional tree of the dehesas, and plating other native trees, skirting the paths with non-cultivated strips, growing copses and replanting the natural ponds with aquatic plants, offering shelter to wild animals and promoting biodiversity.

This website is aimed to project my personal enthusiasm and excitement about all we do in Dehesa El Milagro. We humbly hope you will enjoy learning about our work while we keep improving our products for you.

Blanca Entrecanales. Founder of Dehesa El Milagro